Health: Headache Madness

You wouldn’t believe the pain I’ve been in for the past week. I’ve been a migraine sufferer for 11 years now and they are getting worse. While I have been to the doctor, I’ve never had a CT scan. Mostly because I am deathly afraid of doctors and what they will say. So I would rather them just give me a prescription to get rid of the pain. 

This time, it lasted over a week and it was so painful that I had to cancel most of my appointments. So I decided it was time to go to the doctor and find out what was seriously wrong. When I got there, I was noticeably scared and I kept thinking they were going to find something wrong and say they had to cut open my head immediately or something. I know, I’m quite childish when it comes to seeing a doctor.

The CT scan was interesting. The put me in this circular device and told me to close my eyes and be completely still. I remember thinking, “Don’t move” and “Please don’t be a tumor.” During the 5 minute scan I could hear the noise the machine was making and it felt as if it was making circles around my head (which it probably was). But thankfully, the CT scan came back fine. On the other hand, I still do not know what is really causing them. So I am still looking for preventative measures not just medicine.

What I learned from this is that it is better to know and deal with that than to always wonder what is really wrong. So now, I know there is no immediate cause to my migraines and I have to work on finding out some preventative measures that will at least minimize their frequency. 

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  1. I know when I am under some emotional and physical stress I get really bad headaches. Maybe you should check out what's going on in your life. Or what you are eating. I hope this helps. Get better girl!

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