|DIY | Diva’s Snap Jar: Affirmations & Quotes to Uplift Your Spirit

Hi Loves,

Have you ever felt like there was no one in the moment to pick you up when you are down? Or perhaps you just need a mid day reminder of how great you are. We have all been there…more than once. 🙂 Well in this DIY, I am going to teach you how to make your Diva’s Snap Jar.

You may recognize the term Snap Jar from Reese Witherspoon’s character Elle Woods in the movie Legally Blonde. I loved this idea when I first saw the movie and have created my own version.

Step 1. Pick out a jar to use. The one I am using can be found at JoAnn Fabrics.


Step 2. Get decorations that fit your style. I picked up these Gem Stickers from Flax Art & Design SF and the Pink and Gold Glitter stickers are by Heidi Swapp and you can find them at Target. Go crazy with the decoration of the jar. Make it fun!

step2_snapjar step3_snapjar step4_snapjar step5_snapjar

Step 3. Use the computer or write out your favorite affirmations, Bible verses and quotes. These will be what you put in the jar. I’m using some of my favorite Bible verses, quotes and quotes from my new book, The Diva Diaries Living Through Tough Seasons. Need some inspiration? Ask your friends for an uplifting quote to add to your snap jar. Better yet make it a Diva’s Snap Jar party and invite your BFF’s to create one as well. Then you can share snaps. 🙂


Now that you have completed your Diva’s Snap Jar, anytime you feel like the world is coming against you, reach in and grab a snap. Remind yourself that it is okay to fail. You are still worthy and greatness awaits you. Know a friend who needs a reminder? Create a Diva’s Snap Jar for her as a gift. Women support women. *snaps for all the Divas*

step8_snapjar step9_snapjar

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