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Believe Bigger I met Dr. Shante Bishop at the Blogalicious ’14 Conference when I attended one of the sessions she was leading. That conference was particularly great at connecting you with a network of women who were bloggers + entrepreneurs who shared the same passion + creativity. I’ve been following Dr. Shante’s social media ever since. It’s amazing how someone you barely know can inspire you. But that is what happens when you pursue greatness. You can inspire people and help them change their direction in life because you did what you were called to do.

The Devotional. I love how Dr. Shante Bishop infuses her testimony with how she came to Believe Bigger. It is when we are most honest that we can heal and help each other grow on this journey called life. Believing Bigger A 31-Day Faith Journey is a devotional for the woman who wants more. From Life. From Herself. From God. The woman who reads this is ready for change. She is ready to be all that God has called her to be and she is ready to do the work and collect God’s promises.

The Setup. Each chapter is filled with Bishop’s testimony as well as stories + scripture from the Bible. She then guides you into a prayer. Each prayer is filled with words to make you realize that God has much more for you than you feel He does because of your current situation. After each prayer is a tweetable summary of the text. Trust me, you are going to be tweeting a lot of this devotional. And don’t skip the “homework” for each chapter. Take your time and do the work and your life with be changed. One of my favorite parts of the devotional is the “devils lies vs. God’s Promises” page. I will be using those verses to combat the lies the enemy tells me. Bishop suggests that you make a copy of this and hang it on your mirror. I suggest you study this page thoroughly so when the enemy comes to steal your joy you can battle him properly. When you know what to say about his lies from God’s word, you will be better equipped for battle.

The Call. If you are ready for change and to Believe that God has something Bigger for you than your current circumstance, then this is the devotional for you. You can pre-order your book on Amazon for 7.99. Believing Bigger will launch tomorrow, March 1. This is a great gift for girlfriends, coworkers or anyone you feel needs the inspiration to Believe Bigger.


5 Pink Hearts


We gave this devotional 5 Pink Hearts!

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    1. No He doesn’t! Thank you so much for answering the call to write this book. You have inspired me to finish mine. 🙂

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