The Divas Circle Talk Show Episode 2 Part 1 – Examine Your Relationships

Hi Loves! You all rock! Your support of our blogazine and new talk show is amazing! We hope that the show blesses you and inspires you and we cannot wait to share each show with you.

Episode 2 – Examine Your Relationships Part 1 is posted and we cannot wait to hear from you about it! This episode features Editor-in-Chief Crystal-Marie, The Diva Inc. contributing writers, Yvette Irvin and Adrienne Huffman and a new face to The Diva Inc. Jessica Chen. In The Divas Circle Episode 2, the ladies are being very open with their personal relationship journeys. We are discussing not only relationships between your significant other but also ones between your friends and your career. Yes, your career is a relationship that you are in.

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