Pass a round of Grace

Graceful. An interesting word defined as “to be characterized  by elegance or beauty of form, manner, movement, or speech; elegant…” But being graceful is more than the way you move or speak. It is the way GRACE flows out of your spirit which becomes your character.

This week I’ve had a lesson in just what it means to give GRACE and be GRACEful. 

All this week it seems as though people have used me to take out their frustrations. And rightfully so, I should have negatively reacted. I mean, when someone is unkind to you it is your “right” to respond as you see fit, isn’t it? But the response you give will be the response that people give you have an unkind moment. And let’s not pretend that you are never unkind. Everyone has their bad days and although we strive for perfection, no one is perfect.

Although I did not yell back at the people who were being disrespectful to me, I felt myself about to lose control. Then a few days ago, I had an altercation with a women who would have had the right to yell at me but she didn’t. She showed me GRACE. 

And it clicked…even though you may be correct in your feeling to react, the way you choose to do so is up to you. Other peoples personality cannot be controlled by you. But you can control yourself. So the next time you are frustrated with other people, be GRACEful and pass them some much needed GRACE.

Have a GRACEFUL week!

The Diva

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