My Fabulous Weekend: Trunk Parties, Makeup Classes & Getting an Editor

Hey Loves! How was your weekend? Mine was fun and ever so busy at the same time. I am trying to make time for fun on the weekends and running all the necessary life errands. My car didn’t get washed this weekend but I did attend a trunk party, makeup class and get an editor for the book. So maybe the car will get washed next weekend. 🙂

EditorGetting an Editor. Many of you know (and for those of you who don’t) I’ve been working on a book for quite a few years called, The Diva Diaries. This book is about some of the life lessons I’ve learned/suffered through this far and I want this to comfort women and young ladies on this journey called life. It will be the first in The Diva Diaries series. It is a great process writing a book and getting issues of your chest. It’s also a bit scary because I am sharing my personal story and I’m nervous about how it will be received. But my belief that it will help young women outweighs my nervousness. So The Diva Diaries has officially been sent to an editor. I am so excited! I will keep you all posted to when it will be available for pre-ordering. Be sure to subscribe to the blog to stay up-to-date.

Trunk Party. I was invited to a trunk party for a young lady who will be trunk partyattending Hampton in a week. I love this concept! The guests bring gifts that will help set the student up for success while going away for college. Then the trunk is shipped to the college destination. How cool? I don’t think this was around when I attended college. It is a blessing to be able to bless someone who is going in the direction you were. I appreciate now more than I did then the people who set me up for success when I was entering college. And I appreciate getting to play my part as one of those people for someone else.

Lips & Cheeks. My first makeup class at Sephora. I signed up a while ago and was too excited to attend. I love to learn new makeup techniques and try new colors and brands. The class lasted two hours which is amazing that the Sephora team stayed later on a Sunday. There were about five ladies in the class and four instructors.

Sephora 1 IMG_2023When I walked in, the instructor matched my complexion to all of the foundation, lip and cheek colors that would work best. Then another instructor demonstrated the lip and cheek application techniques on a model and she looked amazing! Now it was our turn to try applying the lip and cheek. I have to say I am pretty good with the lips but the cheeks…let’s just say I’m not posting a picture. Ha! I purchased Vivid Violet Smashbox lipstick ($20 . A color that I usually don’t wear but fell in love with after trying so many during the class.

What I learned this weekend is that you have to make time for fun and try new things.

Until next week…


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  1. So excited to hear of your upcoming book! Can’t wait to pre-order. Having a young daughter myself I know the journey into womanhood and beyond comes with many hurdles. Your message im sure will be just what is needed. How did you find out about the Sephora Make-up class? Thanks for sharing!! Much success…Jenelle

    1. Thank You! Will let you know when it is ready for preorder. The classes were referred to us by a friend. Not every Sephora offers classes and I think they are trying to test this out. The classes are offered in Burlingame and definitely worth a try if you are in that area. XOXO

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