{DIY} Desk GLAM Part 1

We are desperately trying to keep organized while staying chic at The Diva Inc. Magazine. We came across a video by MissLizHeart where she was sharing some of her desk glam. We repurposed her pearls in vase to accommodate our pencil holder. Let us know what you think. XOXOXO

1. You will need a clear pencil holder. This one is purchased from The Container Store. $9.99


Pencil Holder

2. You can use pearls if you like but we used some Diamond Ice we found at JoAnn Fabrics. Fill your pencil holder with your Diamond Ice (or Pearls) no more than half way. $6.99

Diamond Ice


3. Place your pretty pencils, washi tape, etc. in your Glam pencil holder. This ads a lot of GLAM to your desk. We love white desks and our color them is White, Gold and Pink. A fabulous desk = priceless!

photo 4

More on our GLAM desk series coming soon. How are you GLAMMING your desk? Let us know @thedivadiaries on Instagram #decordiva or email us pictures to be featured info@thedivainc.com.


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