10 Style Tips Every Woman Should Use in 2014 by ExecQstyle


  1. Plan your outfit – the most stylish people think ahead.
  2. One more thing – add the extra scarf, ring, necklace, bracelet, belt or jacket.
  3. Get a new everyday handbag – This is something that is routinely seen – make sure it is a reflection of you and not some dusty, ancient, old thing.
  4. Wear some cool sunglasses – This will instantly give you a stylish vibe.
  5. Personalize your tech gadgets – it’s much more fun than a boring, no cover phone.
  6. Own at least two pair of ankle booties – one in black and the other in a fun color-gold, blue, purple or leopard print. These will carry you through every season.
  7. Wear your size – Please give away Dress for Success (@dressforsuccess) anything that doesn’t fit properly. If you can’t wear it right now, get rid of it. Ill-fitting clothes are not attractive, nor stylish.
  8. Stand up straight – Good posture instantly slims.
  9. Carry a nice ink pen – it shows good taste and well grooming.
  10. Update your lingerie drawer  Buy some fresh new basics. Immediately purge any tattered, worn-out undies. Having great undergarments is your personal secret and makes you feel special.

Be Bold, Be Colorful and Be Glamorous!

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