Four Quotable Takeaways from Deepak Chopra at Oprah’s Live The Life You Want Tour

The amount of inspiring information for your personal and profession development that was shared at Oprah’s Live The Life You Want Tour is indescribable. To sum it up in just one article is impossible. So The Diva Inc. Magazine will be featuring articles throughout the next two weeks about the tour and sharing some information with you our beloved readers.

Deepak Chopra/ Courtesy of OWN Communications
Deepak Chopra/ Courtesy of OWN Communications

We shared with you one of our favorite quotes that Deepak Chopra left us with last Saturday for our Sunday Inspiration.

The Spirit of God is not difficult to find it is impossible to avoid.

How true is that? The spirit of God is everywhere weather we choose to see it or not. So why not tap into that amazing power?

Religion is believing someone else’s experiences. Spirituality is having your own experiences.

Hand raise here! People get caught up with religion which is more of a cultural expression for the love of God. But the true freedom and power is in the relationship you have with God – your spirituality.

If someone is pointing toward the moon you should be looking at the moon not worshipping the finger.

Wow…the wisdom that is in this quote. How many of us are caught up in the person, the things, the perceived glamour and not the source of the blessing? How many of us are missing the gateway to the relationship with God because we are caught up on the rocky journey?

Fear is the anticipation of pain in the future. Anger is the remembrance of pain in the past. Hostility is how to get even because of pain. Guilt/shame is directing fear to yourself. Depression is from all the above and being separated from your core.

Letting go of all of the fear, anger, hostility, guilt and shame will let us live a free life. It is amazing how much of these we carry with us on a daily basis. Its what is holding us back from greatness – from elevating to the next level. Let’s make a pact that in 2015 – no today we are going to stop carrying these burdens on our shoulder and let go of the fear, anger, hostility, shame and guilt that is holding us back from freedom and true peace.

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