The Diva Diaries® Make The Vision Plain Workbook (Pre-order)

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The Diva Diaries® Make The Vision Plain Goal Setting Workbook is UNDATED and designed for the faithful, goal-getter who wants an easy to use tool to track her dreams. With over 100 pages full of questions that make you Reflect, Renew, Visualize and Realize, this workbook will leave you ready to conquer the world or at least your goals in the next year.

Throughout the workbook there are several quotes and bible verses to keep you encouraged as you make progress on your goals. When you use this workbook weekly to track your goals, you will see how real your dreams can become just by writing them down in one place.

*This item is being edited now and released in limited quantities. Be sure to pre-order yours now so you don’t miss out on this amazing goal setting tool.

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